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Roses for Rosa fund provides wheelchair to a boy in Rio Bravo

During our most recent trip to the border we met a little boy in Rio Bravo who was in a wheelchair far too small for him. His name is Saul and he can’t walk due to a medical condition and he was too tall for the wheelchair he was using. Since he spends most of his day in this chair, it was very uncomfortable for him. Both of Saul’s parents work in maquiladoras that make goods for the US market. Wages in these factories average between $0.80 and $1.90 an hour, which is not a living wage. Saul’s parents struggle to get by on their salaries and could not afford a new wheelchair for their son. Thanks to your support we were able to purchase a new wheelchair for Saul. Donations to help workers and their families can be made at A special thanks to Ed Krueger, Virginia Cruz Baez, and Abrilita Martinez De Raya for delivering the wheelchair.

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