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Our Board of Directors

Christine Ruddy is the Vice President of Partners for Responsible Trade Inc.  She is committed to encouraging corporations to act responsibly in their offshore factories. Christine has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and M.B.A. from Franklin University. She has worked in Commercial Banking for 20 years in Columbus, Ohio. She believes that educating workers about their rights and educating consumers about how their products are made is vital to bring about change. 

Edgar Krueger is the Executive Director of Comite de Apoyo, a non-profit organization that operates along the US/Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley. Ed has been working to improve conditions in the factories along the border for over 35 years. Prior to working with factory workers, Ed was a migrant minister who worked in Delano California and South Texas to improve working conditions for farm workers. Ed also spent time as a missionary in Honduras many years ago. Ed is dedicated to justice and believes in providing people with the knowledge and skills necessary to make changes for themselves. He brings a great deal of experience to our Board of Directors and is an inspiration to all those in our organization.  

Abril Yuridia Cruz Martinez has been a Promotora for over 7 years and has joined the Board of Directors of Partners for Responsible Trade as a guiding force on the ground in Rio Bravo and Reynosa Mexico. She is currently in the process of completing her Law Degree and will be a counselor to workers needing guidance and assistance in understanding Mexico's Labor Laws. In addition, Abril is the coordinator of the Hands United on the Border event on May 1st each year and will help to coordinate our University Speaking Program here in the United States, assisting worker speakers in getting to scheduled events at Universities and Colleges.

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