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Sunrise Fund

The future is about hope. For many international factory workers, hope for a better life for their children quickly fades. Primary school in Mexico is not free. Also students must buy their own books and uniforms (which they are required to wear to attend school) and school supplies such as paper and pencils. For many of their parents, who work in a factory for very low wages, buying uniforms, books and school supplies must come second to buying food and paying rent. Even if they can keep their children in primary school, to get their children to Preparatoria (the Mexican version of High School) is next to impossible. Parents must pay tuition to send their children on to the Preparatoria. Very few factory workers can afford this added expense. Without adequate education, these children are destined to the same fate as their parents, low wages and dangerous work in a factory.


Via The Sunrise Fund, Partners for Responsible Trade Inc. raises funds to provide grants to parents to enable them to keep their children in primary school and send them on to the Preparatoria. This will help to prepare their children for a brighter future. With a solid education these children can obtain better paying jobs, go on to the University in some cases, and better contribute to their communities.


The Sunrise Fund hopes to help these children and many others stay in school and get the education they deserve. The Sunrise Fund’s 2014 fundraiser kicks off on May 3rd 2014 at Worthington’s Green on the Green Festival where festival goers can purchase a pack of sunflower seeds for planting in their garden. All proceeds from seed packet sales will go directly to The Sunrise Fund to help children stay in school. You may also contribute directly to our website via the DONATE icon. Thank you for support.



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