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A Day Without A Hand Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to make people aware of how difficult life can be after losing a limb. Unfortunately factory workers often are victims of work place injuries that result in the loss of limbs. This is due to the very low safety standards in offshore factories. Workers are often asked to work dangerous jobs, with little or no safety equipment and very little training. As consumers, we all have a responsibility to ensure that the products we buy are made in a fair and safe manner.


Partners for Responsible Trade helps workers that have been injured in factories to restore their quality of life. We help workers who have lost hands, arms, and fingers in machines, or who have sustained other work place injuries. We also have several programs that help workers and their children. We hope to raise awareness about the poor safety standards in offshore factories by challenging people to live a day without one of their hands.


How the challenge Works


When someone gives you A Day Without A Hand t-shirt, attempt to wear the shirt for an entire day. The shirt has one sleeve sewn shut at the end, so that you cannot use that hand. From morning until evening follow your normal daily routine with only one hand. Try to wear the shirt for the entire day and do everything you would normally do, but with the use of only one hand. At the end of the day, reflect on what you experienced. Take photos and share your experience using #adaywithoutahand on social media and post your photos to Please also consider making a tax exempt donation through our website at to help factory workers and their families along the US/Mexico Border. Once you have completed the challenge, give the shirt to a friend and explain the challenge. Ask them to wear the shirt the entire day and to then pass it on to someone else after they have completed the challenge.

Support workers like Rosa and Carlos. Both workers lost limbs in factories along the border in Mexico making flat screen TVs to be sold in the US. Be a voice for Rosa and Carlos and the millions of offshore factory workers around the world that make our products.  
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