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Rosa's Trip to Dallas, Texas

February 2nd 2015 was the start of a new life for Rosa Moreno. She arrived in Dallas just shy of the 4 year anniversary of the accident that took both of her hands. Full of optimism and hope, she was ready for a new beginning. It was Rosa’s first time in the United States. Dallas was a big city and everything was new and different to Rosa. Susan Kapp of the University of Texas Southwestern School of Prosthetics fit Rosa with her first body powered prosthetic hand. This hand was designed by Kapp specifically for Rosa’s small frame and the suspended socket allows her to have increased mobility. Rosa looks forward to receiving her left hand prosthesis in the future.

During the week Rosa learned how to do many things with her new prosthesis with the help of Margaret Wise and Judy Sotelo. These were simple things, but Rosa had not been able to do these tasks independently for the past four years. It was a joyful and liberating experience for Rosa to be able to cook, brush her hair, and dress herself. Rosa was provided with a number of assistive devices and tools to make her everyday life easier. Many of these were made specifically for Rosa by Judy and Margaret.

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