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Meeting Reynosa, Mexico February 2015

During our most recent trip to the Rio Grande Valley, we met with a large group of promotoras and factory workers in Reynosa. We heard stories from injured workers, including Daniel, a young man whose fingers were disfigured in a machine. We also met with Juan, a former factory worker who is now unable to walk due to the heavy lifting he once did in the factory. Partners for Responsible Trade was able to provide Elueterio with a wheelchair to help him get around after being hit by a car in the parking lot of the factory where he worked. We heard the heartbreaking story of a young mother, Gabriela, who lost her husband in an accident at a lead smelting factory. She cried as she told us how difficult it has been for her and her two young children since her husband was killed in December of 2014. She has still not received a settlement from the company her husband worked for.

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