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Promoting Responsible Trade Through Empowerment, Research, and Education

Partners for Responsible Trade is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization that supports and empowers factory workers and their families along the US/Mexico border. We help educate workers about their rights under the Mexican Federal Labor Law. Our current campaigns include helping injured workers who have been unfairly compensated with their medical expenses, providing grants for the children of factory workers to stay in school, and providing outreach workers on the border with internet access and other resources. 

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Edgar Krueger- On June 22, 2020 we lost a giant of a man who stood for fairness, worker's rights, and peace and justice for all. Edgar Krueger marched alongside Cesar Chavez in the 1960's and 70's for farmworker's rights. He protected villagers in his parish in Chile under the reign of the brutal dictator Augusto Pinochet. He organized farmworkers in the Rio Grande Valley and stood up for their rights challenging local growers and even the Texas Rangers. He supported maquiladora workers in the border factories along the US/Mexico border fighting for their rights, better wages, and medical treatment for injured workers. A quiet and peaceful man, Ed had a smile and a sympathetic ear for all who needed him. He judged no one, accepting all of us just as we were. To walk through Rio Bravo or Reynosa with Ed, was to watch a man beloved by many. It was rare to walk down a street with Ed, without a person seeing him and running up to say hello and hug him and thank him for something he had done for them once. And he did many things to help many people over decades and decades of selfless work promoting basic human rights. He was instrumental in the organization of Partners for Responsible Trade and his legacy will live on with us.

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Hands United on the Border

Hands United on the Border is a multi-national event intended to help create global awareness about workplace inequities and safety issues in offshore manufacturing facilities. It is intended to be an expression of support for offshore manufacturing workers and their families. Thousands of workers and supporters on both sides of the border will line up and join hands in their respective neighborhoods, cities and towns along the Mexico/US Border as a show of solidarity for offshore factory workers working everywhere around the world. This event is designed as a peaceful gathering to increase worker visibility and start the global conversation about a more equitable and fair working environment for all workers worldwide. 

Roses for Rosa

Partners for Responsible Trade Inc provides quality medical care and equipment to factory workers in developing countries who have been injured on the job and unfairly compensated. We help workers obtain prosthetics, medical devices, and medical care as needed. All net proceeds raised will go directly to providing medical care to injured workers.

Sunrise Fund

The Sunrise Fund helps children of low income families with at least one parent working in a factory stay in school. Partners for Responsible Trade Inc is raising funds to offer these students grants for books, uniforms, and tuition so that they can succeed in school and have a brighter future. 

Women Helping Women

The Women Helping Women Campaign is designed to provide information and resources to outreach workers in developing countries to make their efforts easier. One initiative is to provide tablet computers and internet access to outreach workers along the US/Mexico border. 


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